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Terms & Condtions

Hi thank you for your interest in MWAHFITNESS classes.

Before you book with me, please make sure you read our terms and conditions.

The terms will form a legally binding agreement between you and me so please make sure you are comfortable with them. If you have any queries or concerns, just contact me


I am a highly qualified Group fitness instructor and PT specialising in Pre & Postnatal and boxing. I am DBS checked and trained in safe guarding .

To ensure you can participate in the classes safely, there are a few things you need to know:

  • If you are currently pregnant, you should follow the advice of your health professional regarding undertaking exercise during pregnancy.

  • After birth, you can take part in classes once you have had your 6+ week postnatal check and 12 weeks post-natal if you had a C section.

  • Please inform me of any injuries or conditions that may prevent you form participating prior to the class starting.

Each class will last for approximately 30 - 45 minutes. I ask that you arrive slightly before the class is due to start to leave you with enough time to get yourself and if appropriate, your little one settled before the class starts.

My Pre & Postnatal courses run for a continual 6 or 8 weeks, with one class each week.

You can book through my website, by contacting me directly (for example through Facebook, WhatsApp, email or by phone), or even in person at one of my classes.

Once you have booked your class or course, I will send you a confirmation email confirming your booking and the dates and times of your classes.

My class times and locations can be found on my  website. These can change from time to time so please check the times and locations before booking.

As classes take place at venues which are owned by other companies and organisations, there may be times when the venue is unavailable, including times where I need to re-arrange, move or cancel classes on short notice due to the venue suddenly not being available to accommodate the class. In these cases, I will try to move the session to a suitable alternative location or time and will let you know the details as soon asap.

I reserve the right to permanently move the time and/or location of a class on reasonable notice to you, in which case you will receive an email with your new class time and/or location. If you are unable to make the new class time or location, you must inform me as soon as possible. I will then discuss with you your ability to move to a different group or we can arrange a refund.


If you miss a class on a course, please contact me as soon as possible as you might be able to join another class on a different day (but this will always be at my discretion and subject to availability). Unfortunately, I cannot allow you to roll-over classes at the end of your course or offer any refund for classes which you miss.

MWAH Monthly Packages and Bundles.

MWAHFITNESS offers monthly packages and bundles to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Mwah Monthly is a pass that includes all online and on demand classes

Mega Mwah includes all face to face and online classes, subject to availability and on demand videos.

Mwah Face-Face Monthly includes all face-face classes.

Bundles is a class pass enabling you to book 3 face to face classes at a discounted amount. The pass expires after a month and all classes must be booked within that month. 24 hours cancellation is required, and any booking will be moved to another class subject to availability.

Please see website for prices.


Where you book a course, you are committing to the whole 6- or 8-week course, and I am unfortunately unable to accept any cancellation of your booking. Before placing your booking please do check that you will be able to attend the whole course.

If you have signed up to one of the MWAH monthly packages you can cancel with just one month’s notice, so just let me know and this can be actioned.

I will do our best to avoid cancelling classes, but if I do have to cancel any class, I will give you the choice between moving to another class on a different day (subject to availability) or receiving a refund for the cancelled class.


My fees for the classes/courses and packages are set out on my website and confirmed to you when you make a booking.


Payment is taken via Stripe, but at my discretion we may also accept payment by BACS transfer.

All fees must be paid in full by you ahead of the class or course. If you turn up to a class you have not yet paid for, please be aware that you may be turned away. Late payment may result in your booking being cancelled.


I offer a range of “MWAHFITNESS” related merchandise, which you can purchase from the myself. For information about the merchandise that is currently available and pricing, just ask.

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept any returns of merchandise unless it is faulty or is not as I described it. In this case I will offer you a replacement (where available) or refund as preferred.

Your health and safety

Your health and safety is very important to me/

You will be prompted to fill out an informed consent form before your first class which you must read carefully so that you understand the risks and benefits involved in taking part in the classes. If you do have any concerns at all, please raise them with me as I may be able to suggest adaptations which can help.

Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing and footwear to each class appropriate for exercise and remove any loose items such as jewellery.

Your little one’s health and safety is also important to me and I am always be on hand to help. I just ask that you ensure:


  • You never leave your child alone during the class.

  • You always remain responsible for the care and safety of your child during the class.

  • You keep any children’s toys next to you during the class.

  • You do not bring children’s toys which could be pushed across the floor (such as toy cars or balls), as this could cause an accident if tripped over.


Your personal information

See the privacy policy on my website for more information.

Loss and damage

I am not responsible to you for any loss or damage which I could not have reasonably foreseen, or for any loss or damage which is a result of you failing to comply with these terms.

As explained above and in the informed consent form, despite the care that I take in running my classes there are inevitably risks associated with taking part in any physical activity of this nature. I cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that you suffer whilst participating in our classes unless you can show that this was as a result of a lack of care or other wrongdoing on my part.

The venues that I use for my classes are not necessarily used exclusively by myself, so I cannot guarantee the security of any property that you bring to the class with you. Please make sure that you put it in a safe place and always keep any valuables in your possession.

Nothing in these terms is intended to limit or exclude any legal rights that you may have, including your right to compensation if you are injured as a result of my negligence.


Changes to these terms

I may update these terms from time to time and I will inform you of any changes via email.

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