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I'm human too !

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I've always struggled with my weight and some days cannot bear to look at myself in the mirror.

When I am slimmer, I know i have starved myself of things I really want and when I am bigger , i know, I am battling with emotions and self esteem.

I look at this picture and all i can see is how out of shape I was in October but I need to remember what i had been through over the past two years.

I was now working longer hours ,sat at a desk a lot of the time and had been through a major career change after 21 years.

My training had changed , I was no longer teaching 30 classes a week in a gym but now teaching for myself but I didn't realise how much this had had an affect on my body and overall fitness.

Sometimes I think, how can I help people with their weight loss and body image , when I feel like this but that's not true, because in fact I really can.

I know about the emotions attached to food , every craving and hurdles people have to go through every day.

I have been in the fitness industry for 22 years and have studied nutrition and I love to train myself and others.

I am more like my clients than a traditional Personal Trainer and after reading a great article, I realise being in shape is like running my own business.

If you dont work for a month , then your business will go under . You have to consistently work at it and make sure everything is working correctly !

Everyday is a challenge but you can't give up on it .

We are all working towards the same goals right , to earn more money and have a better life ?

But sometimes that puts extra strain and stresses on our body.

Lack of sleep is a major contribution towards weight gain and as we hit menopause, how many of you are not sleeping , so its a vicious circle.

If you want a PT who has a 6 pack and can swing from every bar, then I think you are looking in the wrong place.

If you want someone who will understand your challenges,going through the same thing and will work alongside you and is mentally strong, then you are in the right place.

I may not have that amazing body , but for a 54 year old ,I am good. I am strong both mentally and physically and that goes beyond any pre-conception of what you think I look like under my clothes.

I will add that I feel better now since this photo was taken and I would also like to to say I now feel mentally and physically beautiful and that is all that matters, its how YOU feel and not what others see !


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