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Be someones reason to smile!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This years charity events are all in aid of The Young Woman's Hub in Catford.

As you may know ,for the past two years I have arranged Charity events to raise money to help women and children suffering from domestic abuse.The Mwahfitness community and 7 incredible Instructors helped raise over £10,000 to help the charities that support and help these families.

This year I have decided to help a different, and much smaller charity, which needs our help to support our next generation of young women.

The YWH is based in Catford and is an independent school and charity which supports vulnerable young women age 11-16, by providing a safe, nurturing environment in which they are able to access education,vocational program's, mentoring and family support to help them develop their independent life skills, maintain healthy relationship's and provide post 16 advice and support. These young women may have been subjected to awful situations such as grooming, drugs ,gangs or even sexual exploitation.

I have been working at the Hub for over 2 years and can genuinely say, that the work these teachers do is outstanding and highly commendable.

We often take for granted access to sanitary products, warm food, presents and even a listening ear , these girls may not have access to any of this at home but here its in abundance. Nothing is not discussed or out of bounds, these girls are made to feel safe , important and most importantly heard!

The Hub needs donations to help provide many things including : trips,sports equipment, technology and most importantly counselling for both the girls and the staff.

I am running events all year to help raise money to help our future, with the help of fellow instructors and most importantly YOU!

The first sold out event is a quiz night on the 4th March ! I cant wait to work with the quiz master and great friend , Tracey Edwards and test our brains whilst enjoying the event.

The second event is a 3 hour Aerobathan with 5 other fantastic instructors.

Tracey Edwards,Ria Miles,Sarah Elston, Sue Hunter and Amy Page.

Date :23rd April

Time :1-4pm

Where : Kent Cricket Club

Come and enjoy all types of fitness classes with some of the greatest instructors I know and love. Its going to be so much fun and you can do as little or as much as you want .

Book your space via the button below and donate via the link. Remember , you don't have to attend to donate and any help would be appreciated.


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