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South London girl done good!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

March 23 2020 My birthday and Boris makes an announcement, not to wish me happy birthday, but to lock us down for what we thought was 3 weeks only.

Panic set in, I remember rushing to the petrol station, thinking there would be a shortage, when in fact we hardly be using our cars as we couldn’t go anywhere!

2 days in and the messages and calls started –

“Mickey have you heard of zoom?” “Mickey will you be teaching ?” “Mickey I miss you” “Mickey please help”

I had no idea what zoom was or even had the equipment but 18 months later, and over 1000 classes taught, seeing thousands of faces on a screen, taking the biggest leap of my life , I was awarded the greatest honour!

National Community fitness instructor London 2021!

Wow I had no idea that I would win. March 2021 I was nominated by one of my clients and the story begins. Once nominated I had to write 3 submissions, to prove I was worthy of the nomination.

I sat there and just wrote about what lockdown meant to me and what my vision was for the wonderful people who had made such a commitment to MWAHFITNESS. I submitted and then forgot, until June when I received an email to inform me that I had been shortlisted!

It was then announced that 25% of the vote was up to the public and 75% was decided by a panel of judges. Closing date for all votes came and in November I travelled l to Newcastle for the ceremony.

Sitting at the table and hearing all the runners up and winners being announced was amazing. I turned to my friend and said I would be so happy to be a runner up but there was not a runner up for London!

“There is no runner up, the voters unanimously decided that this person is the all-time winner, and that winner is Mickey Wells”

What??? I jumped up; did she really just say that? Omg my first thought - I have to walk out in front of 400 people, climb stairs in my high heels and remain somewhat calm! It felt like I floated up those stairs, but watching the video, floating is defiantly the wrong word to use! And then it hit me and what i have done!

Days later I have managed to reflect and can honestly say wow! I did this, I overcome so much and just kept going because I knew these people needed me and that’s all I want, to be there for them and make their fitness journey the best and most enjoyable it can be! What’s next for MWAHFITNESS?

Big things are being planned for 2022 so watch this space!


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