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"We do not remember Days, we remember MOMENTS"

When a loved ones's memory starts to suffer, they may not remember certain days but their perception of reality and how they relate to that reality,remains vital.

This quote simply reminds us that even if a small piece of life is lost, the moments that demonstrate our individuality are with us forever.

I met Sandy, 8 years ago , when our little mascot Darcey Duncan, was born .

Sandy was best friends to Christine Ward and God Mother to Christine's daughter, one of my best friend Kirsty Duncan.

Sandy was full of life and energy and I would often catch her peering through the windows of the studio,laughing and smiling, when I was teaching Kirsty with Darcey in a sling.

Chris and Sandy had a great social life, and they would often go on holidays together and would often have a glass of wine (or two), together at events , including Loose Women , where I know they got into mischief.

I am going to tell this story, from my memory ,as sadly , the memories and relaying of the ending of her life is still too raw, and so I decided to do this, without upsetting the family and friends anymore, by asking them.

My earliest recollection of noticing a change in Sandy , was December 2017. I spent boxing day with Chris and her family and Sandy was there.

There was defiantly something missing and it felt like a little light has been switched off as she wasn't sparkling as much as she used to, she wasn't her normal self.

Unfortunately, the doctor put it down to depression and prescribed anti - depressants.

I have since understood that Sandy was diagnosed with PCA,Posterior Cortical Atrophy. a rare form of Dementia, it is also known as Bensons Syndromein, in October 2018.

What is posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) ?

Posterior cortical atrophy, also known as PCA, is caused by damage to the brain cells at the back of the brain. This is the part of our brain that processes the information from our eyes and allows us to make sense of what we are seeing and where things are. Alzheimer’s disease is most often the cause of the brain cell damage in PCA, but it is sometimes caused by other types of dementia, such as dementia with Lewy bodies. In very rare cases, conditions called corticobasal syndrome or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can cause PCA.

PCA is sometimes called ‘visual variant’ or ‘visual-spatial’ Alzheimer’s disease. However, the early symptoms of PCA and typical Alzheimer’s can be very different.

Alzheimer’s disease usually affects a person’s memory first, but in PCA the first symptoms are often problems with vision and how we understand what we are seeing and where things are.

People often develop PCA between the ages of 50 and 65, but it can affect older people too.

Sadly Sandy lost her life in October 21,just 3 years since her initial diagnosis. She leaves behind a wonderful family and friends, but her energy, loyalty , friendship and special moments will always live on.


Due to menopause, women have a higher chance of developing dementia and Alzheimers disease and because women tend to live longer, we suffer more for longer.

In February , Chris decided to do a sponsored walk to raise awareness and funds for Dementia Uk. After seeing the devastation , this rare disease caused in the family and hearing how sad Sandy's life was at the end, it was only right, to help and, Demetia Uk is my chosen charity for 2023.

Alongside a small local business, Mosiac Civil & Structure Engineers,I am running a charity bootcamp on Sunday 16th April.

Mosiac Civil & Structure Engineers have already kindly agreed to donate £500 to this amazing charity but the charity needs more help.

We still have spaces left to attend the bootcamp,just book via the website or the app but if you just want to donate then please follow the link below.

Thank you for all your support x


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