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There are four key hormones affected during the menopause

Let's start with the biggest one…..

Estrogen - the bad ass!

  • Biggest female hormone

  • Lowers BP

  • Helps with distribution of fat

  • Brain protector

  • Anti depressant

  • Anti inflammatory

  • Biggest source of estrogen stored in ovaries

  • Involved in:

  • Bone health

  • Weight management

  • Hair health

  • Skin health

  • Brain health

  • Basically does everything! The Mother Ship!


  • Brain protector

  • Thickens lining of womb

  • Prepares uterus lining for potential pregnancy

FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)

  • Controls menstrual cycle

  • Stimulates growth of eggs in ovaries

  • Highest just before eggs are released into ovaries

  • Helps produce Estrogen and Progesterone

LH (Luteinising hormone)

  • Controls menstrual cycle

  • Helps release eggs from ovaries (ovulation)

  • Helps produce Estrogen and Progesterone

Exhaustion of follicles = Ovaries stop releasing eggs = Ovaries stop making making Estrogen and Progesterone

Therefore FSH and LH increases,causing hormone imbalance

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