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Menopause is a natural process, some may need HRT and some may not BUT we all need to


Dietary Management is important for:

Body composition

Heart disease

Bone health

Mental well being


Due to metabolic changes to hormones( especially estrogen) and increased difficulty in tolerating carbohydrates , Insulin resistance/sensitivity increases .

Insulin is released from the pancreas, when you eat something sweet (including carbs,which are complex sugars)

Once the sugar is absorbed into the blood, insulin mops up the excess and takes it to the cells of your liver and muscles to help move the glucose inside to use as energy. The cells take what they need and the rest is stored in your fat cells.

Insulin Resistant means:

The pancreas pumps out more insulin to get blood sugar into the cells.

During menopause, cells stop responding to all that insulin- they become insulin resistant, so the pancreas keeps making more insulin to try to make the cells respond. Eventually the pancreas can't keep up and the blood sugars keep rising.

Estrogen helps to move blood sugars from the blood to the cells.

If there is a lack of it , then the glucose is stored as fat in the tummy area.

Body Fat around the tummy area is called VISCERAL FAT

VISCERAL FAT is dangerous as it sits around all the major organs.

It is also related to the release of proteins and hormones that cause inflammation.


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